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           Benhill-Crescent Horticultural Society

Benhill Road, Sutton, Surrey SM1 3SA

We are open every Sunday from 10:00 until 12:30.

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Open Every Sunday!

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Benhill-Crescent Horticultural Society is an active not-for-profit society for allotment holders and gardeners, based at the Benhill Allotment site in Benhill Road, Sutton.


With origins going back to 1957, the society currently has approximately 250 members from around the borough and beyond.


Even if you’re not an allotment holder, you can become a member and take advantage of the great prices at the Trading Hut.


You can also be part of the many social events throughout the year, sharing expertise, time and fun with like-minded people. Most events are free and all members are welcome to attend.


Call in to the Trading Hut at Benhill Road on any Sunday morning  to join.



An allotment at Benhill

About Us


Supporting Charity:


Hints for Showing

Showing is fun!


The following hints are designed to help both the experienced exhibitor and the novice to prepare for any flower and vegetable show.


These hints are based on the recommendations of the affiliated societies. There are reference copies of the RHS and NVS handbooks in the Committee Room library on the allotment site.


Do ask if you need some help. If you would like further information, please contact:

Graham Cockram, the Show Secretary:


Colin Alexander, Secretary of the Horticultural Society.


1. The Schedule:

Please read the schedule for the show you are entering carefully, and refer any queries you may have to the Show Secretary, Graham Cockram  Please also make sure you have read the Rules


2. Dates and times:

Please use the entry forms on the centre pages of your Schedule and note the dates and times, especially the deadline date and time for the receipt of entries. Late entries will be charged double.


3 .The number of specimens required:

Please pay particular attention to the number and sizes (if given) of specimens required in the schedule, as an exhibit that consists of more or less will be disqualified and labelled ‘NAS’, (Not According to Schedule).


4. Presentation of produce:

•All exhibits should be staged as attractively as possible with consideration given to ‘condition’ and ‘uniformity’. An exhibit is ‘uniform’ when the items of which it consists are alike in age, size and form.


•An exhibit in good condition should be fresh, clean and free from blemishes and diseases.


•All exhibits should be clean and the outside of any pots should be washed.


•The natural bloom on fruit enhances its’ appearance.


•Soft fruit should be shown on the stalk.


•All vegetables should be properly prepared for exhibition, with roots washed.


•It is customary to display certain items on a plate, eg. tomatoes. Plates are provided.


•Sand can be used to display.


•Carrots, beetroots, parsnips, rhubarb etc must have the leaves removed, leaving at least 7.5cm tops.  


•Onions and shallots should be tied with raffia (unless otherwise stated).  


•Vases are provided by the Society for all classes except those in which

‘any container’ or ‘bowl’ may be used.


•A ‘dish’ in the schedule refers to a specified quantity of a fruit or vegetable, which may be displayed on a table or on a receptacle of any shape.



Every year we select a charity to support.


MERU is part of Queen Elizabeth's Foundation Group and aim to improve the lives of disabled children, by creating new possibilities. We design and make a wide range of specialist assistive equipment.


Find out more about BCHS Supporting Charity


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